Week 3 2016: Troubleshooting

     This week we walked around campus troubleshooting. Since Alanna and Luis have a different set of strengths and weaknesses and come in at different times, I learned how to utilize this time and effort to create the most efficient schedule. This week the main project that was being focused on was troubleshooting. I had originally planned for us to start Leo. When we started Leo, I realized that it was rather difficult when it came to finding the APs. Plus, to complete the job we needed anchors. After talking with Stacey, and after Stacey talked to Jake, I was told that all we really needed was the blue screws which are made to be screwed into concrete. We put in an order to get them as soon as i figured out that we didn't have any more from last year's project. Instead of just waiting for the screws, I decided that we'd start another project in the meantime. So here we are, troubleshooting all of campus. This was rather difficult. In Jasper, most of them were unplugged. But there were some that still wouldn't come online, and after further diagnoses, we needed to try troubleshooting at the switch. Most everything is locked in MGL and DLS, so we will need to get podium keys from Eileen, some APs were in the ceiling. My method was to go around and do all of the easy ones first, then come back and take the time to properly diagnose the rest of them. So far we are ahead of schedule, and if I can manage this well, we will be done ahead of schedule.
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