blog #8

For the last week I have finished up any existing leftover work. This consisted of putting the final touches and cleaning up the KBA's I have created this summer. What I did was go through the ones I created and others and made sure they needed any updating. If a certain step needed changing due to a change in the process I would alter it. If a KBA needed drastic changes I would read through the process test it out on my own and make sure it is suitable for clients. Once that is done I would go through the process once more while typing out the steps in HTML and CSS. The formatting and styling all has to be correct to match the style of the other KBA's to insure flow and engage the clients. Besides the KBA's I have continued with the to search for courses to add to a master list. I have also searched for a course with a new test feature but failed to do so. Lastly I have continued and almost completed the pasteboard presentation I just have to put the final touches and it should be complete.
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