The project for this week is to go around documenting regular and missing AP locations and names, fix labels if needed, and to fix the name in the controller if needed. Stacey will have a big part in the project because she has access to the controller, so i have to make sure she is available which is slightly harder than i imagined because she is so busy! she's been taking care of tickets, switching out switches, she's been doing a lot. but we were able to schedule a couple of days to get this done. Another problem I ran into that I completely forgot was the camps. I forgot that they'd be here using the classrooms so we'll have to plan around that. They are normally using the classrooms in the morning but not so much in the evening. Easy fix to that problem. The only big problems being faced is finding APs that aren't really there, and making sure that they truly aren't there and that we're not simply missing them somehow. We are still waiting for the blue screws to get here. All projects are going great so far, its a lot of hard work, but I believe in myself and my crew. We are still ahead of schedule. By the end of this week, we didn't finish, but we should be able to finish up by the first half of week 5.
     This week we walked around campus troubleshooting. Since Alanna and Luis have a different set of strengths and weaknesses and come in at different times, I learned how to utilize this time and effort to create the most efficient schedule. This week the main project that was being focused on was troubleshooting. I had originally planned for us to start Leo. When we started Leo, I realized that it was rather difficult when it came to finding the APs. Plus, to complete the job we needed anchors. After talking with Stacey, and after Stacey talked to Jake, I was told that all we really needed was the blue screws which are made to be screwed into concrete. We put in an order to get them as soon as i figured out that we didn't have any more from last year's project. Instead of just waiting for the screws, I decided that we'd start another project in the meantime. So here we are, troubleshooting all of campus. This was rather difficult. In Jasper, most of them were unplugged. But there were some that still wouldn't come online, and after further diagnoses, we needed to try troubleshooting at the switch. Most everything is locked in MGL and DLS, so we will need to get podium keys from Eileen, some APs were in the ceiling. My method was to go around and do all of the easy ones first, then come back and take the time to properly diagnose the rest of them. So far we are ahead of schedule, and if I can manage this well, we will be done ahead of schedule.
     So this internship is nothing like the one last year. When making goals for the agenda, i always consult Stacey to see if she thinks their is a better means of getting the work done. I am given proper guidance and suggestions. It makes a huge difference and actually helps with his learning experience. Most of it is trial and error, and since I am Project Manager and responsible for getting everything done by a decent time, I am learning so much more this time around. It feels good to be able to call the shots and learn from my experiences. Although I am managing a small team of only two people, I think I will learn a lot about what it takes to manage a team. These first two weeks are me figuring out what resources we have, what resources we need, finding maps for each building, and setting time frames for each project. I will check in in a week and update with my experiences.
     My team and I are started this week off by venturing up to De La Salle. I was really excited that we were finally finishing up lower campus and moving to upper campus, especially being as we were a bit behind because of the shipments of Ethernet cords we were waiting for. Luckily, we had some in the office so we made do with those until we eventually ran out.
     Some of the classrooms in DLS were really easy to handle. We just connect the Ethernet to the projector, cut the keystone pull the cord out of the metal conduit and into the ceiling, re-clamp the keystone on, and connect the cords together, really simple. Some classrooms had a projector in it that was so old it didn't have an Ethernet port to connect to, so we couldn't do anything in those rooms. A lot of the classrooms were smart classrooms and we didn't know where the Ethernet port was to connect it to the projector, so once again, we couldn't do anything in those rooms. Some classrooms didn't even have projectors in them because they were taken out of the ceiling due to construction, so we definitely could wire those. After a while, it just seemed like there were so many odds stacked up against us. The various camps using the classrooms we needed to do, the inaccurate camp utilization chart we were given, classrooms without projectors, smart classrooms where we didn't know where to find the Ethernet port. It seemed like things couldn't get any worse.
     Then, we ran into rooms that had Ethernet ports, but when we tried to back the port into the ceiling we couldn't find the cord. There were several cords that looked like the cord that led to the Ethernet port, but none of them were clearly or obviously the correct cord. In one of the classrooms, we ended up cutting and re-clamping a keystone and when we connected it to a laptop the laptop was able to pull an IP from it, but when the projector was connected to the cord it wouldn't configure. After about an hour or so of cutting, stripping, and re-clamping cords we still couldn't get the projector to configure, so we made note of it on the spreadsheet and left it connected in the ceiling. We will have to go back on a later date and try to further diagnose the issue. But, after a long, hot, frustrating week, De La Salle was done and we were moving onto Miguel.
For the last week I have finished up any existing leftover work. This consisted of putting the final touches and cleaning up the KBA's I have created this summer. What I did was go through the ones I created and others and made sure they needed any updating. If a certain step needed changing due to a change in the process I would alter it. If a KBA needed drastic changes I would read through the process test it out on my own and make sure it is suitable for clients. Once that is done I would go through the process once more while typing out the steps in HTML and CSS. The formatting and styling all has to be correct to match the style of the other KBA's to insure flow and engage the clients. Besides the KBA's I have continued with the to search for courses to add to a master list. I have also searched for a course with a new test feature but failed to do so. Lastly I have continued and almost completed the pasteboard presentation I just have to put the final touches and it should be complete.
A main feature of the upcoming Manhattan College app is being able to use your JasperCard on your phone. With the JasperCard on your phone, you will be to use meal swipes, pay with Jasper Dollars and Dining Dollars, and access buildings such as the library and the gym. 

In order for this to be a feasible option, we conducted tests on the card at two points of interest. We did test in the Kelly Commons Gym and Marketplace. A laptop with a JapserCard prototype and a barcode scanner were used. 

Testing in the gym would give us an idea of how transactions for accessing buildings would work across campus. To test this, we connect a barcode scanner to the current system. The barcode scanner acts a basic input peripheral, like keyboard. This means that when the barcode scanner receives the values from the card, the computer receives at as user input and displays the value on the current selected input interface. The identity system used would take this number and present user information on the screen. The JasperCard on the laptop is setup to give students 16 digit code. The same code now available on the physical front of the card.  Currently, the system uses a little device that gets this information for taping or swiping your physical JasperCard. The system then converts that 16 digit number to the student id number. This would mean that the mobile JasperCard would have to output that number. However this would be a security issue since the student id number is a personal number. For now we are looking into changing the system to accept the 16 digit number.

Testing in the Kelly Commons Marketplace would allows us to know if making transactions from the mobile JasperCard on the current register system is possible. Same setup as the Kelly Commons Gym was applied. During the initial test, the system would accept input.  However, we looked into the software that manages the register system to see if there were any alterations we could  make. Upon reviewing the software we found that we could change the system to allow for input. This worked, but for every transaction made with barcode scanner, there had to be authorization for the manager. We continued looking into the software and found another option that would allow for input transactions without the need for authorization on every transaction. This concludes that the we can enable acceptance of mobile JasperCards at registers across campus. 

This is gonna be shorter than my usual post, this is a just a simple step by step guide on how I upload photos to 25Live, due to the website being somewhat cumbersome to use

  1. Use this link ( to log into 25Live with admin credientials
  2. In order to add a photo into 25Live go to the image tab, name the image or diagram, determine if its an image or diagram , then click select to upload the image, after it is uploading click add image
  3. Click the locations tab and then click edit
  4. Search for the room you wanna add, click on the room you wanna edit. In the Layout section click edit, select classroom style. 
  5. In the new section click the select button to insert an AutoCAD diagram or a photo of the room. Select the folder where you uploaded the image (if it’s an image or diagram).
  6. Click Save Changes to save the uploads

Well that is pretty much it. As of now most of the CAD drawings are uploaded into 25Live, I just need to associate them with a room now. I have finished DLS, and some of Miguel, I say some because I could not access to rooms due to either repairmen fixing the classrooms or in use by the programs around Campus. The latter goes for Hayden. RLC is done, LEO I am starting to do in which I will get it done this week.
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