Week 4 2016: Labeling

     The project for this week is to go around documenting regular and missing AP locations and names, fix labels if needed, and to fix the name in the controller if needed. Stacey will have a big part in the project because she has access to the controller, so i have to make sure she is available which is slightly harder than i imagined because she is so busy! she's been taking care of tickets, switching out switches, she's been doing a lot. but we were able to schedule a couple of days to get this done. Another problem I ran into that I completely forgot was the camps. I forgot that they'd be here using the classrooms so we'll have to plan around that. They are normally using the classrooms in the morning but not so much in the evening. Easy fix to that problem. The only big problems being faced is finding APs that aren't really there, and making sure that they truly aren't there and that we're not simply missing them somehow. We are still waiting for the blue screws to get here. All projects are going great so far, its a lot of hard work, but I believe in myself and my crew. We are still ahead of schedule. By the end of this week, we didn't finish, but we should be able to finish up by the first half of week 5.
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